The Sunmary So Far...

The Team Just Won There First Match! And In The FF's! Now They Have A Week Left For Their Next Match!

The Story

At White Gale High Soccer Field

Coach:Congrats On Your First Win.But The FF's Just Begun! Thats Why I Want you Guys To Make A Hissatsu Tactics.

Me:H-Hissatu Tactics?

Rene:Wow Cool! Well I'm Gonna Practice With Sag!

Aiden:Im Gonna Practice With Loretta! We'll See Who's The Better Forward!

Me:Well I'm Gonna Think Of A Tactic..

Few Minutes Later

Me:ARRGGHH!!! I Cant Think Of Anyting!

Aiden:Maybe Practice Well Help?

Me:Huh? What Happened To The Competition With Lorreta?

Aiden:AHHH! Its A Total Fluke!

Me:Whatddya Mean?

Aiden:Its A Tie!



Me:Oh Nothing...

Me:*Goes To Practice*

Cloud:Not So Fast!

Me:Lightning Speed!


Me:*Stops* Wait..THATS IT!

Kari:W-Whats It Captain?

Me:I Know Our Hissatsu Tactic!

Me:Know! Everyone,I Want All Of You To Form A Zig-Zag Shape! Except You Sag!

All Execpt Sag:Okay!

They Form A Zig-Zag Shape.

Me:Know Il Pass To Cloud Then You Cloyd Pass To Kari In The Zig-Zag Shape! And So On!

Cloud:Okay!*Passes To Kari*

  • The Formation Went On*

Me:Aiden! Run Backwards!


Me:Guys! Pass Backwards To Aiden!


  • They Pass Backwards To Him*

Me:Aiden! Shoot It To Me!

Aiden:Okay! *Shoots To Me*

Me:*Shoots To GK*



Tanatat:Whats The Hissatsu Called Captain?


The End!

Well Thats Chappie 5! Hope Ya Liked It!

Opinions Are Welcomed! :D

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