'~Life At Sailor Star~' is a multi-chapter fanfic about my fanmade school Sailor Star Academy and the life of the students. Of course, it also includes the canon IE cast. It's a romance / comedy / adventure fanfic, emphasising the word comedy.


'Sailor Star is an exclusive and regal academy that raises dicipline and knowlege in teenagers aged 11-18'

Ha! Did they actually go to the school before writing that brochure? Honestly, knowlege and dicipline my ass!


Inazuma Japan get an invitation from Sailor Star Academy to go over there and stay as a holiday. They accept and go to the school, expecting to meet posh and snooty rich kids. Man did they get a surprise!

All of the students are care-free and happy-go-lucky. They don't pay attention in class, fool around and constantly make each other have giggling fits 24 / 7. The team love them! Soon, they meet Burn, Gazelle, Aphrodi, Hitomiko, Ulvida, Saginuma, Genda, Ichinose, Rika, Touko, Mark, Dylan, Rococo, Edgar and the other FFI members and old friends. They say they all get an invitaion too.

As night draws nearer, the dorm parties begin!

They party and have many random adventures with the SS teens, and then the Love Games come in!

A lot of awkward, romantic, random and stupid situations lay ahead!


Sex, bad language, possible violence, and other things.

Signature and notes

It may take me a while to update, cuz I've got loads of other fanfics to update at the same time, gomenai, minna-san.

Issho ni wa totemo sensai ni ukabudarou... 21:09, April 30, 2012 (UTC)

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