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Chapter Three - The Truth About Sailor Star

"I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" Tsunami sang, dramatically jumping from the plane steps

"'Bout time too, I was getting claustrophobic!" complained Fubuki

"What does claustrophobic mean?" Kabeyama asked

"It means he's afraid of Santa!" Kurimatsu yelled, before Kidou could say the correct answer. Kidou didn't have the energy to argue, so he just sighed and shook his head softly.

"Ooh!" Kabeyama cried. He began to make annoying 'Ho ho ho' noises and after a few minutes everyone screamed 'SHUT UP' in perfect sync.

"Where d'you reckon this damn school is?" Fubuki moaned, after they'd been walking for at least half an hour

"I heard it's really well hidden, so pretty much no-one other than teachers and students know where it is" replied Kudou, turning the map in his hands in different direction in an attempt to read it better.

"Do you need a hand, Dad?" Fuyuka asked him politely, giggling at his dumbfounded face

"Go ahead. I could easily do it on my own, but I want to see how you do" he lied, handing the map to his daughter

"Sure, we'll go with that" replied Sakuma with a we-weren't-born-yesterday-there's-no-way-we'll-believe-you expression. Kudou shot back a you-better-shut-up-if-you-want-to-stay-on-this-team expression, and Sakuma sighed and turned back to his conversation with Someoka. After a furthur hour and a half of walking, they came across a MASSIVE soccer pitch with two soccer teams playing on it, with a few spectators. The floor of the soccer pitch seemed to be made out of glass, and the goalposts were large, marbel statues in the shape of flames with soccer balls amde out of diamond on top.

"This is almost definately a Sailor Star pitch" commented Kidou, taking in the beautiful features

"Hey, look!" Hiroto suddenly cried "Isn't that Dlyan and Mark? Look, there's Ichinose, Therese, Gazelle, Burn, Edgar, Rococo and isn't that Koboyashi?"

"HI GUYS!!!" Emiko yelled from her spot on the pitch "You finally made it!"

"Huh? Are those your friends?" a girl with bright-red hair with azure tips asked Emiko, and she replied with a nod

"Come on down here!" Emiko called to the team "You wanna play?"

"Sure!" Endou replied with a smile, leading the team down to the pitch

To Be Continued...

There's chapter three! In the next chapter the match of Inazuma Japan VS Pandora Hearts will begin~ Also, Loretta, Nathan and Akuji will appear!

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