Here's chapter one of my new fanfic ~Life At Sailor Star~ that I'm writing to replace Please Don't Leave Me!, which I completed (Finally!).

Anyway, enjoy~

Chapter One - An Invitation

Ding dong

"Endou, answer the door" murmured Kidou, who was half-asleep on one of the sofa's in the lodge's lounge

"Whhhyyyyyyy?" moaned Endou, who was playing Super Mario Bros. on his 3DS

"Cuz you're the captain" Kidou replied, turning to face his lazy captain

"Mheeeee" Endou murmured, involving himself in getting Mario to the next level again

Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong!!

"Just answer the damn door will you?!" Gouenji yelled "Whoever it is, they're getting impatient!"

"For the love of God you lazy bastards..." sighed Hiroto, putting down his astronamy book and answering the door

"Hiya!" the person at the door cried as soon as they saw him. It was a teenage girl, with bright-cyan hair that passed her waist. She was wearing a very short, light-blue dress with a low neckline and a crystal-white colored tank-top underneath. Hiroto also noticed she wasn't wearing shoes

"Uhm, hi?" Hiroto greeted the girl, examining her outfit carefully with wide eyes and slightly pink cheeks

"Eep! I can't believe I'm actually talking to KIYAMA HIROTO!!!!" she squealed, jumping up and down

Hiroto blinked at her. Oh great, now the fangirls found where Liocott Island was...He'd be dead by noon.

"Who...who are you?" he asked the girl. She calmed down slightly and tossed her head, the long strands of her hair flying backwards to rest on her back

"I'm Loretta Natsukoi~" she introduced herself with a cute smile "I'm here to give the team of Inazuma Japan, managers and coach this!"

She brandished a red envolope with sparkly, golden, posh handwriting on it.

"What's that? Don't tell me Kogure's finally gotten arrested, or has Kidou been accepted to some goggle-wearing braniac school?"

"No, Kogure-kun isn't being arrested, and no, Kidou-kun isn't being accepted into some posh school" Loretta replied "This is an invitation to visit Sailor Star Academy and stay there like a holiday for a while~"

"Sailor Star? You mean that RIDICULOUSLY posh and expensive school in Tokyo?" Hiroto cried, barely able to believe him and the team were being invited to Sailor Star Academy.

"That's the one!" Loretta smiled "Please can you give this to Kudou-kantoku?"

"Sure" Hiroto replied, struggling to catch the invitation when Loretta threw it to him

"Arigatou, Hero-kun~" she smiled, before skipping off and disappearing into the dense forest

"Was that an angel?" Hiroto muttered dreamily, staring in the direction the girl had gone "I hope she's a Sailor Star student~..."

To Be Continued....

I realize that wasn't very funny, gomen. When they get to Sailor Star and begin to meet the students, the comedy will really begin.

Please comment ^^

Issho ni wa totemo sensai ni ukabudarou... 15:56, May 1, 2012 (UTC)

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