Hiya~ Ketsurui here!

I'll be writing this fanfic till Mika can come back to write it, so you're gonna have to bear with my crappy writing skills till Mika The Legend can recover the fanfic I murdered.

Anyway, enjoy!!~

Chapter Five - Time Skiiiiiiip!!!~

After 3 hours of 'agonizing' walking, everyone arrived at Sailor Star Academy. Their first reaction when they first layed eyes on the school-

"Oh my God...woah..."

"Like it?~" smiled Loretta, examining the group's amazed expressions

"Hell yeah, we like it!" cried Sakuma

"How big is this place?!" asked Fubuki, jumping in the air in an attempt to see more of the ridiculously massive school

"I have no idea. I don't think anyone had lived long enough to measure it all" Tatsuko answered, smirking as Fubuki's gawp widened

"HEY! ABOUT TIME YOU SHOWED UP!!!" a girl's voice screamed from halfway up the massive stone steps leading to the second floor (out of about 30).

"Wattup, Natsuka-chan~" smiled Loretta, waving at the girl who yelled. The girl practically leapt down the stairs all at once and landed in front of Loretta. She had wavy hair that just passed her shoulders colored a violent shade of purple. Her eyes were the same color and she had very long eyelashes.

"Who's she?!" cried Kazemaru, yelping and jumping away from the purple-haired girl

"I'm Hikari Natsuka~ You guys must be Inazuma Japan, right?" Natsuka smiled

"Yup, that's us!~" Endou said, leaping over Fubuki's head to get closer to Natsuka. Natsuka smirked and moved her head to Loretta's ear

"I think I'll have a little fun winding him up~" she whispered "Who's gonna be your toy?"

Loretta smirked and moved her head to Natsuka's

"Isn't it obvious? Hiroto for sure! I'll especially enjoy irritating Midorikawa-kun and Yagami-chan by hitting on him~" she whispered, and winked at her friend "We'll discuss this is in the dorm later"

"KARUGO-KUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!" another girl's voice screamed angrily. A large, oak door flew open and a very short, messy-haired boy ran out sniggering

"Catch me if you can, Megami-chan!" yelled the boy, singing it out so it ryhmed in rythm

"YOU BET I'LL CATCH YOU, YOU LITTLE DIABLO!!!!!!" the girl - 'Megami' - screamed, charging out of the doors at a ridiculous speed. The boy was obviously scared now, because he yelped and fled, leaving Megami yelling angrily and racing after him. The group sweatdropped - this was going to be an interesting holiday...

To Be Continued...

There's chapter five guys~ Sorry its short, it's about half past midnight and mom's gonna kill me when she finds out I was up till this late, wish me luck -.-

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