Here's the 3rd collection of funny IE facebook conversations~

Someoka Ryuugo has taken a quiz - Are You A Good Soccer Player? and his results were - You suck!

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Nagumo Haruya XD you failed!!

Someoka Ryuugo fu tulip-head! you take the quiz and see your results!

Nagumo Haruya fine!

Nagumo Haruya has taken a quiz - Are You A Good Soccer Player? and his results were - You suck!

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Someoka Ryuugo See? it's rigged!

Nagumo Haruya totally rigged!

Kiyama Hiroto fine, ill take the quiz to see if it's rigged or not

Kiyama Hiroto has taken a quiz - Are You A Good Soccer Play? and his resutls were - OMFG YOU ROCK!!

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Kiyama Hiroto see? it's not rigged!

Nagumo Haruya hmph, Mr. Perfect-Little-Know-It-All!

Someoka Ryuugo pretty please train me Hiroto-san!!!!

Kiyama Hiroto has left the chat

Nagumo Haruya rejected! XD

Loretta Natsukoi has uploaded a gallery to her wall

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Kazemaru Ichirouta WTF where the hell did you find that one of me?! and the one of me and Endou!!

Endou Mamoru i love that picture~

Kiyama Hiroto hey, Loretta-chan~ do you think you could find a pic of me and Endou-kun?

Loretta Natsukoi which one d'you want? there's a selection of 27~

Kiyama Hiroto send them all!!

Fudou Akio i immensly dislike the one involving me!

Sakuma Jirou i personally favor that one~

Genda Koujirou XD even the internet hates you!

Fudou Akio fu all!

Loretta Natsukoi oh go marry a bench Fudou!

Fudou Akio maybe I will!

Sakuma Jirou O.O

Loretta Nastukoi -.-

Genda Koujirou ...

That's all minna. Gomenasai that it's so short, i just can't come up with any jokes DX anyway, tune in next time~ please comment~

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