Hi minna! Here's IE FB chapter 2~ I've added an account for me (Loretta Natsukoi), Candy (my OC,Candy Rosetta), Angel (my OC, Angel Rosetta), Livi (my alias's older sister, Olivia Natsukoi) and AidenFubuki (Aiden X. Fubuki) and I'll be happy to give other people accounts! just fill this in:

Wiki name:

FB name:






Endou Mamoru DX it's raining!

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Kidou Yuuto and...?

Gouenji Shuuya we can't practice cuz the field is wet

Fudou Akio are u gonna start rolling around on your bed again repeatdly sayin 'I want to practice!'

Endou Mamoru pfft, no!

Loretta Natsukoi and would that be because you're already doing it?

Endou Mamoru maybe...

Raimon Natsumi is now in a relationship with Gouenji Shuuya

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Loretta Natsukoi ha knew it! gimme the money, Onee-san

Olivia Natsukoi dammit!

Gouenji Yuuka kyaa~ congratulations, Onii-chan!!

Raimon Souichirou congratulations, Natsumi!

Raimon Natsumi dammit, dad found out about fb...

Loretta Natsukoi XD

Kudou Michiya how do you know when is is apropriote for a child to have a cell-phone?

Gouenji Shuuya when they can spell 'appropriate' unlike some people

That's all for this chaoter~ Gomen it's so short and it kinda sucks

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