Endou Mamoru - Yay~ I finally got a FB account

11:46 am Like Comment 'Gouenji Shuuya, Kidou Yuuto, Kiyama Hiroto, Fubuki Shirou and 34 other like this

Kiyama Hiroto - About time too!

Fudou Akio - Urgh, FB was the only Endou-free place I had left!

Endou Mamoru - Hurtful!

Kidou Yuuto - Go yell at some tomatoes, Fudou

Fudou Akio - Bastard!

Fudou Akio is now in a relationship with Kogure Yuuya

11:52 am Like Comment Otonashi Haruna, Kidou Yuuto, Sakuma Jirou, Genda Koujirou and 1632 others like this

Otonashi Haruna - Kyaaa~ Congratulations Kogure-kun!

Kogure Yuuya - I do NOT remember asking the bench-warmer out!

Fudou Akio - fu Kogure. and for the record - i never said yes!

Otonashi Haruna - ...

Kiyama Hiroto now has 1285773484 friends

12:02 pm Like Comment Midorikawa Ryuuji, Kira Hitomiko, Yagami Reina, Saginuma Osamu and 193 others like this

Midorikawa Ryuuji - Wow, Mr. Popular!

Yagami Reina - 1285773484?! is every FB user on the planet friends with you?!

Kiyama Hiroto - The answer to that is possibly...

Yagami Reina - O.O

Gouenji Yuuka - D: aww...i can't afford the pretty dress i want on Panfu! can anyone lend me 250 panda pounds?

Gouenji Shuuya - Sure

Gouenji Yuuka - Thanks onii-chan! yay~ i got a pretty dress!

Urabe Rika has been dumped by Ichinose Kazuya

1:06 pm Like Comment

Zaizen Touko - Ooh~ Rejected!

Urabe Rika - hmph fu Touko! at least i had a boyfriend at some point unlike yo-

Zaizen Touko is now in a relationship with Tsunami Jousuke

Urabe Rika - I stand corrected!

Zaizen Touko - BOOM!

That's all for now~ I know it's short, gomen D:!

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