Hiya minna~ This page is purely of the Inazuma Eleven fanart I've done. I hope you like it!!


I'm willing to do any reuests you have! Just leave a comment or leave a message on my talk page!!

Name(s): (I can do up to 3 people in a drawing. I can do either a canon character or an OC)

Hairstyle(s) and color(s): (If you want, the character can have more than one haircolor - I can do highlights, tips and roots in different colors)

Outfit(s): (Please put lots of details!)

Stance / pose: (What position do you want me to draw them in? I'm not very good at drawing people running and stuff though)

Accessories: (Are there any accessories they wear? Like a ribbon in their hair or a belt?)

Jewelery: (Do they wear any jewelery? If they do, please give me details!)

Backround: (What kind of backround do you want? I can't do anything too complicated and I can't do full color either, sorry)

Extra details: (Anything I've missed? Please put it here~)

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