'Z-Drive' Is A Hissatsu Tactic Made By Me.It Is Used By Serra's Team:White Miricales


Hissatsu Tactics

Everyone In The Team (Ecxept The GK) Form A Zig-Zag Formation.After The First Pass Is Done,One Forward Runs Infront Of The Formation While Another Forward Runs Behind The Formation.The Team Then Passes Backwards To The Forward.The Forward Usses A Hissatsu To Combo Shot With The Forward Thats Infornt Of The Formation. The Passes Are In A Zig-Zag Shape To Pass To The Forwards So No One In The Opposite Team Interupts The Passing.


  • This Is Made FULLY By Me
  • This Can Be A Combo Tactic With 'Triple Triangle'
  • You May Use This Tactic But Please Ask Me First!

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