Yumi hatsumin

Eyes: Violet Skin: similar to Otonashi's

Plot: She is the younger sister of Nadisa and Tekeromi Hatsumin and their step Kina Zino. She inspires Keromi as her older sister who is always there for her, she calls her sister Kemi-Kemi most of the time, and is scared of her evil other older sister, Nadisa. She was separated 3 years from Keromi and said to be if she wins the Football Frointeir she could get Yumi back, but unfortunattely Yumi died from Depression caused by Nadisa. Keromi continues the promise of her to Yumi. Yumi loves The color pink, she is Peppy and very similar to other young children, she keeps a doll made by Keromi (sewed) She is very sweet and thoughtful.

Quotes , mostly says:

"Kemi-Kemi !!!"

"Kemi-Kemi , your almost like my mommy."

"Mommy is in Heaven now, she is watching us... Don't cry Kemi-Kemi !!!!"