Yume is a oneshot fan fiction written out of, once again, complete and utter boredom. The writer just wanted to write something different for a change. A different way of describing, a different person's point of view, and a different kind of love. Not really.



Kidou Yuuto was hanging out on top of the Inazuma Caravan with his sister Haruna. The two were talking to each other and Haruna asked Kidou if he could remove his goggles. He removed them and the two gave each other looks of desire. They were about to kiss until Endou arrived and asked what was going on. Kidou said that it was nothing so Endou went back to sleep inside the caravan. Shortly afterwards the two started laughing. When they stopped laughing they looked at each other, leaned slowly, and kissed on the lips. As their kiss was getting more intimate (not exactly) she released. He asked her why she stopped. She simply smiled and told him that he was dreaming which caused him to wake up.


This story was not inspired by anything. It was just written to satisfy the author's need of Kidou and Haruna having a moment that's not at all brotherly or sisterly. How he described the kiss, though, was inspired by John Mayer's song Your Body is a Wonderland.


With Kidou being a siscon to some of the fans this story was written. A siscon is someone who has some fantasies and desires, sometimes even sexual, towards his sister. In this story he's having one of those fantasies where he sees his sister in such a manner.

Where to Read

Yume can be read in two different links: Yume on and Yume on Deviant Art.


This story was written by Killahsese.

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