• Yukii Foruda is created by me.
  • The names are originally made by me.
  • The picture, personality and looks are created by me. Although there is a little resemblance with Fubuki Shirou. (Okay...a lot resembling)


  • Created by: Sapphirez 06:39, January 2, 2011 (UTC)


Yukii is once Cream's neighbor until he moved when he is 9. He has a really close relationship with Cream and they are called the husband-and-wife by Curry and Curryn. After Marque left and Berry died, Yukii often comes to Cream's mansion to play and help her with the house. Soon, he develops a feeling for Cream and often blushed around her (too bad that he didn't marry her). His name means 'snow' and his last name was to be put ' four/forth ' but after a long discussion, his name was changed to Foruda. He is described by Cream as; a boy with silky grey hair that looked like cat's fur, sparkling blue eyes and skin as white as snow. Yukii lived in London and is very polite and manner. He loves snow.


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