Yami Royaldi
Yami Royaldi
First appearance The legend reborn
Created by Yami
Voiced by Yami Royaldi
Team/s Black Hawks
Kaiousei Gakuen
Universe Elements
Element Dark
Number 2
Position DF
Full Names Yami Royaldi
Japanese Name ろやるぢ 闇
English Name Yami Royaldi
Nickname/s Nightmare

Phantom Hikari

Age 13
Birthdate 12 December
Birthplace Waterlyn City
Nationality Japanese
Notable Relatives -
Family -
School/Class Ravendale Academy, 1A
I want to protect the person important to me… I want to work for that person. I want to fight for that person. I want to make that person's dream come true… That is my dream.

–Yami Royaldi, referring to Hikari Royaldi

Yami Royaldi is a counterpart of Hikari Royaldi, or, as she states it, the "emo-alter-ego" of Hikari. She plays in the Black Hawks as a defender or as a midfielder.


She looks a lot like Hikari(partly because she doesn't have her own body). She has long, pitch-black hair, tied up in a ponytail or braided, with bangs that are swept to one side and that are spiked up on the sides. Her clothes are the same as Hikari. While playing in the Black Hawks, she wears the soccer uniform.


She is calm, serious and cares a lot for "milady/oujo-sama"(Hikari), as she is actually created because Hikari needed someone that would always be by her side, protecting her, never leaving her alone anymore and never betraying her. So Yami swore that she'll never leave Hikari, that she'd always protect her, that she'd never betray her and that if someone would dare to hurt Hikari, they would pay. Ever since that day, they had a strong master-servant bond.

Except for Hikari, she doesn't care about anyone else, being cold to everyone around her, stating that "Hikari-sama isn't just a person, she is my master".


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