Yamashita Yukata
First appearance Unknown
Created by ~:Len Kagamine:~ 
Voiced by N/A
Team/s N/A
Element N/A
Number N/A
Position N/A
Full Names Yamashita Yukata
Japanese Name  
English Name Aaron Mason
Nickname/s N/A
Age 13
Birthdate July 13th 2006
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Notable Relatives N/A
Family N/A
School/Class Raimon (Current)

Yamashita Yukata is the younger brother of Yamashita Takashi and appears along side him in the fanfiction Snowy Day and will be one of the main characters in the remade version of the unfinished fanfiction. Unlike his brother, he seems uninterested with playing soccer.


Due to being siblings, his facial and hair appearance is that very similar to his brother, having the same medium length aquamarine colored hair, amber eyes and fair skin tone. When in casual wear, he dons a gray and khaki colored long sleeved t-shirt. With long denim jeans and black and white sneakers. When venturing outside, he would wear a brown jacket with his outfit. 


Before the initial accident, Yukata is the more immature and mischievous of the two siblings, being the youngest. He would occasionally joke around and not take things too seriously. However, after the rather traumatic event, his attitude has changed massively. He is now much more silent and straight forward, and gets angered easily when people take lightly of his parent's death.


Yukata was part once part of the Yamashita family, who his parents went overseas often. One day, coming back from his older brother's elementary dinner event, there was an accident. The car he was in crashed onto another and his father lost control of it. His mother and father lost their lives, while the brothers were okay yet separated. Unfortunately, Takashi lost his memory from the crash, while Yukata himself did not. Feeling traumatized and grief, he decides to go and search for his brother.


  • This character was made by me, Herowex.
  • This took a long time to make, so please do not edit this page without my permission.
  • Feel free to use this character, but please infrom me here


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