Yamashita Takashi
First appearance Snowy Day
Created by ~:Len Kagamine:~ 
Voiced by N/A
Team/s N/A
Element Wood
Number Number 6
Position Midfielder
Full Names Yamashita Takashi
Japanese Name  
English Name Seth Mason
Nickname/s N/A
Age 15
Birthdate June 12th 2005
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Notable Relatives N/A
Family N/A
School/Class Raimon 1st year (Current)

Yamashita Takashi is a fanmade character in the Inazuma Eleven Universe made up by Herowex. He appears as a main character in the fanfiction Snowy Day and will be featured in a remade version of the unfinished fanfiction. He is also the older brother of Yamashita Yukata. His main position on-field is midfielder.


His appearance is very close to that of his brother, having medium length aquamarine hair, only much neater. He has round amber eyes and a fair skin tone. His casual consists of a long, rather oversized, sleeve t-shirt colored brown and light blue, long denim jeans and black hightop sneakers. Because of staying in the cold for most of his life, he wears a ripped and teared up brown shawl to keep him warm.


Takashi is kind and cheeky, joyful boy, who easily gets flustered, a personality trait that he shares with Nagumo Haruya and quickly befriends with. He is quick and persistent to protest when his mind says so, such as the time where Nagumo teases him about have an on-sight crush with Fuyuka and quickly trying to dismiss the ordeal. He enjoys playing soccer, saying that after he watched a couple of village kids play it, becomes fascinated himself.

Because he lost his memory, he does not remember any family connections and not having to bear with a heavy burden of feeling a close loss. He simply thinks he's just some orphan, who found his name on crumpled and dirty soccer shirt he found on his way down a road. Completely oblivious to this, he feels much shock when finding out about his past.

He is also called 'Onigiri', due to his love of Onigiri sushi.


Takashi was part once part of the Yamashita family, who his parents went overseas often. One day, coming back from his elementary dinner event, there was an accident. The car he was in crashed onto another and his father lost control of it. His mother and father lost their lives, while the brothers were okay yet separated. Unfortunately, Takashi lost his memory from the crash and, on his way down the road, found a soccer uniform bearing the name 'Yamashita Takashi'.


  • [SH] The Eclipse


  • This character was made by me, Herowex.
  • This took a long time to make, so please do not edit this page without my permission.
  • Feel free to use this character, but please inform me here


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