Random Singing Anime

Random singing anime girl

Who's next today?That question is always asked on my new fanfic!It's about:SINGING!Everyday,two groups battle in the singing field,with one winner coming out.The loser must go in the fangirl closet of Mika~Chans Truth or Dare!


IE cast in Mika's house because i lost mine thanks to BURN.



Sometimes a guest character!


Just as usual,i will post the links here ^^

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Game map

I'll be making a game map to see how far teams come.Every Team has two/three people: Two Singers and sometimes One Supporter.

Hard Team: Mika~Chan and Me. Fell:Not yet./Supporter:Onigiri

Team Endou:Natsumi and Fuyuppe. Fall:Round 1,Hard Team/Supporter: Endou

Radio Team: Aki and Onigri~Chan. Fell:Round 1,Penguin Team.

Penguin Team: Haruna and Kidou. Fell:Not yet.

Team HotHead: Burn and Fudou. Fell:Round 1,Team Blizzard.

Team Blizzard: Gazel and Fubuki. Fell:Not yet.

Team X: Fideo and Demonio. Fell:Not yet.

Team Future: Kanon and Masato. Fell:Round 1,Team X.

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