Ya~! Here's the prologue of my very first fanfic!

WARNING - Bad language!


Prologue - Arguments

"SHUT YOUR UGLY LITTLE FACE BEFORE I RI IT STRAIGHT OFF YOUR OVERSIZED HEAD, SHAPIRO!!!" screamed Loretta Natsukoi angrily at the soccer team's ace defender - Angelo Shapiro.


"WANNA BET?!" Loretta yelled, now positively flaming with rage

"SURE!" Angelo shouted at the blunette "COME AT ME, KIDDO!!"

Angelo was a very tall 5th year, and could easily strangle a fully grown man with one movement, when Loretta was a small 3rd year, and she could barely scratch a 1st year - well, that's what everyone thought. She smirked and swiped at Angelo. Hard. He yelped and fell to the floor, clutching his smarting face.

"There!" Loretta smirked "Hopefully that'll teach you a lesson!"

She crouched down to his level on the floor and moved her face close to his. She stuck her tongue out and flicked his sore cheek, smirking and he yelped again. She then got up and model-walked up to her dorm, with a lot of Pandora students cheering her and whooping.

When she arrived at the highest girl's dorm in the school, she opened the door and was met by two sky-blue eyes glaring at her.

"How dare you?!" Tatsuko screamed at her "You promised you wouldn't sink to their level!"

Loretta shrugged and replied simply

"He provoked me"

"NO EXCUSES!" Tatsuko exploded "I don't want my best friend turning into a mindless demon just like all the other students!"

Loretta shrugged again

"LISTEN!" Tatsuko shrieked

"Yeah, I am. I understand you're mad at me but you don't have to be such a bitch"

"You're fighting for my friendship by calling me a bitch?" Tatsuko commented, raising an eyebrow. Lorerra laughed

"Baka-chan~" she smirked, and Tatsuko pouted

"I thought we agreed we weren't gonna use that nickname any more" she said. Loretta shrugged for a third time

"I was probably asleep" she giggled. Tatsuko raised her eyebrows and giggled too

"Well, now what?" Tatsuko asked

"Sleep" Loretta replied, throwing herself onto her bed and not bothering to pull the hangings across

"Night" Tatsuko laughed, getting into her own bed.

To Be Continued...

Well, there's the prologue~!

Sorry it was short and boring, chapter one'll be better I promise!

I hope you enjoyed, please comment~!!!

"あなたは私を撃ち落とすことができますが、私が落ちませんが、私はチタンです。" 15:52, May 7, 2012 (UTC)

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