This test shows references to Yugioh Abridged (Yeah Im a Yugioh Fan)


Endou and Kanon returned to the future but his clothes are still missing and Kanon bought him aome futuristic clothes and ended the day. The time Endou woke up, Kanon was waiting to begin his next test with pajamas. Kanon brought Endou to an alternate universe. They were now in a game shop called Kame Game. They met an old man who wants to die because of heart attack. Then they saw a kid named Yugi Muto and were asked to play a card game because its super special awesome. They went with Yugi to play a tournament on an island. Endou witnessed Yugi killing a um a special guy because of Mind Crush. Kanon said that the test he have to beat Yugi without getting Mindcrushed because Kanon will pay his medical bills. Endou and Yugi started to duel but eventually got Mindcrushed before the game started calling it his victory with Mindcrush. Then he remembered nothing but still he fainted. Kanon asked that Yugi should Mindcrush him after the all the tests so he will not remember anything. Endou asked if he passed the test and Kanon replied "Yea NO! the test just begun". His test was dribble the ball on the entire island without losing it and finishing it in 2 days. He finished it in 1 whole day. They returned to the future but got Mindcrushed by Yugi.



(Hey sorry everybody for adding more Yugioh)

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