This the First test and Happy Halloween


Kanon and Endou went back to the past but not during his time but during the time of Mayans and asked a riddle "A blue house is made of blue bricks. A yellow house is made of yellow bricks. A red house is made of red bricks. An orange house is made of orange bricks. What would a green house be made of ?" Endou didn't know what the riddle means but he checked for clues but found a crystal skull. Endou said that the answer is glass. Kanon was impressed but said it wasn't the first test and pointed at a large pyramid similar to the one in Peru. He went there and see that it wasn't a pyramid but a stadium! The game they were playing is called Tlatchtli. Endou asked if he could join but they didn't understand Japanese. Kanon brought out a device which can be written to native languages and wrote "Can he play this game and if he lose use him as human sacrifice". Then the natives agreed with this but he must play in uniforms. Kanon asked if he could watch 1 game for examples. He watched and learned that the game is by using your hips. He then saw the captain of the losing team for human sacrifice and got scared. He then played and accidently use his butt for hitting the ball. He then scored the goal with his butt and said it hurts. After winning the game, he ran to Kanon and asked to leave the place. They did but he left his clothes at the Mayans.

Next Chapter will go out soon but not for his clothes

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