Chapter 12 of the fanfic; "Let's Play Soccer! The Twised Adventure!" Here's the summary of thr story and its chapters so far....


"That voice! That very familiar voice! It's...!" Rese said.

"I finally found you, Rese." The unknown boy said.

Rese turned around, only to see....!

"Onii-chan?!?!" Rese shouted as tears filled her eyes.

"Yo~ Finally found all of you, I heard tons about this team, ever since the Frontier started." Tasuku said.

"You...must be T-tasuku...I'm very s-sorry.." Kidou said.

"Well, don't be! It's not your fault, Kidou, I know exactly how you feel about Kageyama." Tasuku replied.

Rese was speechless. In a good way!

"Rese..I'm alive!" Tasuku said, with a huge smile.

"I-i missed you..." Rese said silently.

"Hmph. So another weakling joins a weak team?" Aphrodi snickered once again.

"Switch players! Tasuku will join in as a Forward, replacing Someoka." Hibiki announced.

"Yeah, I'm fine with that. I'm quite happy for ya, Rese." Someoka said.

"It makes no difference." Aphrodi said silently.

"Yo, Aphrodi. We'll get revenge...on you." Tasuku said.

"I'd love to see you try." Aphrodi said, arrogantly.

Rese started the kick-off!

"Gouenji! Kidou! Endou! Use THAT technique!!" She shouted.

"Yeah!" Endou said as he rushed forward.


"Impossible!" Aphrodi said, as he was rushing back.


"It's no good!" Zeus' goalkeeper said as Inazuma Break past through.

"Tied!!!!! GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL!!!!!" The announcer shouted.

Aphrodi was speechless.

"Onii-chan! Let's go!" Rese shouted as she was rushing forward with Tasuku.

"You've gotten better, Rese!" Tasuku said.

"Let's show them..."

"How we play soccer!"


A new hissatsu; used by two siblings; is born!



"We, of Zeus, will be the winners!!"

"Goddo Nouzu!!!!"

"That's right.. Rese's passion was the one that made Tasuku find his way here. The same with my passion to form a new hissatsu technique!!"





"I-impossible!!" How could this happen?!?!"


"Rese, Tasuku, Endou.. I do....apologize." Aphrodi said. "It's power that comes from us that is the strongest. Thanks to you, I've figured it out."

"No problem, it's Kageyama who you should thank." Tasuku said.

"Th-thank?" Aphrodi stuttered.

"Yeah, you, Aphrodi, you're very passionate to get more power. It's Kageyama who unlocked that for you." Tasuku answered.

Kageyama appeared out of nowhere.

"Tasuku. You're alive." Kageyama said.

"How do you like that?!" Rese teased.

Tasuku left and headed to the bench without saying anything.

"Rese. Did you really want Tasuku to come back? Or not, because he prevented you from seeing your pals before?" Kageyama asked.

"Huh?!" Rese said.

Kageyama left.

"Well. I won't be your coach from now on. I've found a replacement." Hibiki announced.

"Wha--" Endou said.

"I'm too old!" Hibiki laughed. "So listen to your new coach now.. She'll arrive soon."

" 'She'?!"


Thanks for reading. And I hope you like it!!~

Hungry4ramen 15:15, April 17, 2012 (UTC)

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