Vanilla Hurricane is a fan fiction idea made by Miran Hijiri while she was listening to the songs Vanilla Twilight by Owl City and Hello Hurricane by Switchfoot. It is about Endou and it takes place during the setting of the fourth Inazuma Eleven game, or ten years after the series. This has yaoi, I warn you!



Endou sits in front of his house, listening to his music player, recalling all those times he had ten years ago. In cold nostalgia, he suddenly remembered the one thing he had never forgotten: Kazemaru, his teammate, his best friend, the first person to ever reach his heart. Having to remember Kazemaru, he stayed in his porch not even going inside his house. Then, an unexpected visitor, Matsukaze Tenma of the New Raimon, came to his house to ask him to help him train. Endou and Matsukaze train and Endou tells Matsukaze about Kazemaru. But then, the sky had turned red: there was a storm coming.

Endou tells Matsukaze that he had terribly missed Kazemaru. Confused as to why, Matsukaze wanted to know why Endou had missed him terribly. And Endou had told him this: "I never got the chance to tell him I love him." He even opened his bedroom window and yelled, "Hello hurricane, you're not enough, you can't silence my love!" He went to the Kazemaru residence to ask him where he was. Then he went to where Kazemaru was, a really prestigious college, and finally saw Kazemaru again. He and Kazemaru had chatted, walked around, reminisced, and talked about what they're doing now. But that was when thing got bad: the storm came.

When Endou and Kazemaru were in the Endou residence, Endou had revealed his true feelings to Kazemaru. Shocked, Kazemaru confessed that he, too, had loved Endou. But the problem: Kazemaru was sick with cancer. Endou did what he can not to get that to his head, but he couldn't. He had called the rest of the soccer team, Kazemaru's parents, the New Raimon, and his parents to tell them that Kazemaru had cancer. Then he called the hospital, specifically Gouenji, for an ambulance. Kazemaru was in the hospital shortly after. And, days later and it was still stormy, Endou and Kazemaru were reminiscing once again. Before the two kissed, Kazemaru's blood pressure had dropped to 80/40: he was dead.

After the storm, during Kazemaru's funeral, Endou had kissed Kazemaru for the first and last time before they lowered his coffin.


This is the entire story already. I just needed to put all the details for me to begin actually writing it.


This is done by yours truly, Miran Hijiri 12:24, January 11, 2011 (UTC)