Umi no Tenshi Gakuen (海の天使 学園), simply called UmiTen (うみてん, informal:☰うみ☆てん☵), is a fanmade school/team in the Rekindled Memories fanverse.

UmiTen logo


The name Umi no Tenshi, literally Angels of the Sea, was the student-body proposed name for the school, to replace the previous Kotowari Gakuen (理 学園), which was the name of the school's founder, Kotowari Shikimi (理櫁).

The informal writing of UmiTen, うみ☆てん, is a anonymously made representation of the school name – this symbol, ☰, meaning heaven, and ☵, meaning sea or water. It was used ever since.


The school was established eight years before the start of the Inazuma Eleven series, and for three years was an all-girls school until it was converted otherwise.

The school has a so-called sister-school, Gyoku Gakuen (玉 学園), which is more focused on the performing and multimedia arts – such as acting, singing, narration, etc. – while UmiTen is academically and sports-focused.

Structure and Levels

The school, set to appear in later chapters in the series, has three main buildings, each one dedicated to certain year levels. Two of the buildings are dedicated to the middle school students, while the other one is for the high-school students. Another building is for incoming and new middle-school students.

Hinted later on, the school has a room for its swimming pool(s), and may be a boarding school. It also has a tracking field.

The whole school is said to be situated at an island, away from the Kanto mainland, but is still a part of Tokyo.


The school chooses only those students who manage to receive B-level (a grade of 84-87) in their entrance exams. The school further separates the students per year to two sections, namely A and B Class. Students are not gender-separated, and each the classes are shuffled according to grades.

Emblems, Uniforms, etc.

Under construction

Middle School/Junior High Soccer Team

Main article: Tengoku no Umi

Ownership and Signatures

This fanmade school/team is the sole ownership of Raizza Eclipse, using pen names such as RaiShuuya10, RaiEclipse10, Raizza Eclipse and Raizza S. N. Eclipse, and SugoiShuuya, fanfiction user by the pen name(s) of Rie, Just-daydreamin' and Forever Eclipse-x.

Footnotes and Updates

  • Regarding the uniform:
  • Regarding the emblem:
Version 01
  • Regarding the building and more in-depth description:


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