Tsuyoi Academy is one of elite school in Japan and very famous with their sport especially soccer. Tsuyoi Kirameki Soccer Club (Tsuyoi Academy's soccer club) has won the Football Frontier seven times and some of them has been choosen in Japan natonal team for FFI. The soccer club consist 2 team.

Team :

  • Tsuyoi All Star
The top soccer team of this academy, known as 'Zealous Dragon' and been choosen because of their strongness. Anyone fron Tsuyoi Suketto that show an improvement will be called in this team.
  • Tsuyoi Suketto
The second soccer team of this academy. They will be called if there any trouble in the Tsuyoi All Star team. They will practice together with the top team. This team is pretty strong too.

Tsuyoi All Star Member :

  • Coach :
    • Tamaji Sarou
A strict coach on the feild but a 'happening' coach outside the game and very intelligent in game strategeing. He was an alumni of Tsuyoi Academy and also a captain of Tsuyoi All Star when studying in this academy. His positon is MF.
  • Kirami Atanoya
Is a coach assistant of Tamaji Sarou. Master in cooking and has a ramen restaurant. Also alumni and soccer player of Tsuyoi Academy. His position is DF and he is Kirami Ikazuchi's uncle.
  • Manager :

(not complete yet, gomenasai minna)

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