Akuji Tsukiakari
First appearance The Blue Flames Chapters
Created by Akuji-san
Voiced by Miyano Mamoru
Team/s The Blue Flames/Kaiousei Gakuen
Element Fire/Ice
Number 10,9,7 & 5
Position Forward & Defender
Full Names Akuji Maruka Tsukiakari
Japanese Name 私は寺ツキアカリ
English Name Grey Masters
Nickname/s The Facebook snitch
Age 13
Birthdate 25-02-1999
Birthplace Tokyo
Nationality Holland/Japanese
Notable Relatives Haruna & Kidou
Family Unknown
School/Class 3rd Year

Akuji's history

he Meeting & And The Scout Akuji was a guy with great talent whenever he played football he really won every time.(Akuji is made by me I have not stolen the name I really have nothing stolen). When he was 12 he tried the technique hissatsu fire tornado it was a huge, success after he tried to trick his friends they, were truly surprised they hissatsu friends tried a technique to create,Akuji had at that time, perfected his home made hissatsu called: Alpha Strike. After Akuji Alpha Strike, had tried a black football appeared from the air it was Aliea Academy was the Chaos! They wanted Akuji scout, but Akuji had a feeling that Chaos would use football as a weapon to destroy the planet earth. Akuji had rejected the offer. Akuji has made his own team called : The Blue Flames he needs also players, because he wants the show Aiden how strong he has been. Akuji need also players, if you are interested ? Give me you're fanmade character and the name of and the position.

Ultimate Miracle Shot

After the miracle Akuji mastered a technique called Vortex Impact the hissatsu was so strong that not even a Keeper hissatsu could stop the ball there was only a hissatsu, that can stop the ball it was the most Legendary keeper, Hissatsu the hissatsu called : God Hand Tiger V3 the problem was that Vortex Impact not has been able to evolving.Hissatsu Technique :



Fire Tornado

Twin Crash

Moon Break

Alpha Strike

Tsukiakari Akuji REAL


Alpha Legends


Hammer of Break

Ice Avalance


Arrow Flame V3

Wall of Gaia


Kaguyo is second Akuji but then more powerful then him. Kaguyo has a special eye it was yellow with a blue section. This eye is a kind of hatred/love type it's a legendary eye. The eye will give the keshin more power if he used it.




Akuji Sprite

ME :) Drawn By Kotoni~X

Akuji Tsukiakari

Akuji Tsukiakari drawn by Akuji-san


Picture 4958

Thanks to FubukiKazemaru

Oc Akuji Maruka1

Akuji Tsukiakari (It's says Maruka but it was a typ fault)


This adult form is a combine of Kaguyo and Akuji. He is not married. He has a black jacket he wears jeans and has white & blue shoes he still loves soccer he self is a coach of the i'm still busy on it :D.

Adult Akuji!

Adult Akuji!


Drawn by hungry4ramen made by Akuji-san