Chapter 20 of the fanfic; "Let's Play Soccer! The twisted Adventure!" Click the link for the summary X3


"We'll just crush 'em in the second half!" Kira shouted.

"Yeah, everyone, get into your positions!!" Rese announced.

"Rese, this isn't you..Y-you're love for soccer is strong, well, everyone in your team has love for soccer.." Tasuku said silently, clenching his fists.

There's the signal! The second half begins!!!

"Aphrodi!!" Gouenji passed the ball.


Kira intercepts the pass!


"Wind Angel Goddess!!"


A shoot of tremendous power and speed was headed for the goal!!

"If...If you have a Keshin...! I'll just have to play on equal levels with you!!" Tasuku shouted out as his aura and powers surrounded him.

"Keshin!! Earth Warrior!!"


"Gaaaaaah! I...won't let you...score!!" Tasuku said as a huge explosion came.

"T-Tasuku!!" Endou shouted.

"Onii-chan!" Rese shouted, but tried to keep it as soft as possible.

"Endou, Kidou, Gouenji!!" Tasuku shouted as he threw the ball.

"No, Tasuku, come up and shoot!" Gouenji smiled.

"Okay, I will!" Tasuku replied, rushing forward.

"Keshin!! Land Gladiator!!"

"Earth's Storm!!!"

"D-defense!!" Rese shouted as she tried to run back.

Serra, Atsukia and Rese tried to stop it!

"J-jason!!" The three of them shouted as the shoot got through.

"Big Explosive Slap!!"

"Grrr! We're gonna win..." Jason shouted.

"And get the Genisis title!' Universe Elements shouted.


And with that, the match ended.

Before they knew it, they disappeared.

"Where'd they go?" Tasuku asked, looking around.

"Don't worry! We'll win next time!" Endou shouted.

Back at Aliea Academy...

"Hmph, how do ya like that?!" Rese bragged.

"It's been decided..." Hiroto said.

"And? And? And?" Nagumo eagerly asked.

"My team won." Hiroto replied.

"WHAT?!" Gazel, Burn and Rese asked.

"Ahem." Hiroto cleared his throat; "Gazel's team lost. Burn didn't fight Raimon. Rese won...barely. With a small point difference." He added.

The other three were speechless.

As soon as Hiroto walked away...

"Impossible!!" Nagumo shouted.

"Hmph. Well..." Gazel said.

"What?! Did you say anything?!" Nagumo shouted back.

"You were the one who was cowering, Burn." Gazel and Rese laughed.

"Hey!! I was not!!" Nagumo said, as he looked away.

"Well, let's combine our forces, shall we?" Rese proposed.

"Hmph? Diamond Dust, Prominence and Universe Elements?" Nagumo asked.


"This will be Chaos!!" ________________________________________________________________________

Yep~ Hope you like it!!~

Hungry4ramen 12:19, April 27, 2012 (UTC)

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