Yo Guys! Back Get Ready For More Randomness!

The Peeps!


Aiden A.K.A Aiden Fubuki

Mika A.K.A HirotoObsessedGirlXD



The Random Story

Me:Hey Guys What Now?

Endou:Im Pretty Hungry.

Me:I Know! Well Have A Cooking Contest!

Aiden:Why Cooking Contest?

Me:Cuz Im Hungry And So Is Endou.

Mika:Whats The Main Ingrediant?


Me:Really? Potatoes?


Aiden: Brb Im Gonna Go To The Toilet

Mika:But...Whos Gonna Cook?

Me:I Will!

Mika:Sure I Will To!

Natsumi:Can I Join Too?

Me And Mika: *Evil Faces* Sureeeeee MUAHAHAHA!

Aiden: Back~ What I Miss?

Natsumi:Hi~ I Hear That Theres A Cooking Contest So I Joined.

Aiden And Endou: NOOOOOOOO WHY HER!?

Natsumi: :(

Aiden And Endou: W-We Mean Why Her? Youl Beat Everybody Hehe ^^"

Me And Mika: Hehe Boyah!

Me: Kay Then, U Two Will Be Jugdes

Aiden And Endou: Meeeeeep Kay

50 Minutes Later....

All The Girls: KAY WERE DONE!~

Mika: What About Natsumi Goes First *Laughs Evily*.

Me:I Agree With Mika-Chan~ Hehe.

Endou And Aiden:*GULP* S-Sure....

Natsumi:Yay! I Made Potato Soup!

Endou:I-I Cant W-Wait...

Aiden:Wow I-It Looks Tasty...

Natsumi:Well Eat up!

Endou and Aiden: *Eats Potato Soup*

Natsumi:Whaddya Think?



Natsumi:Oh Want Me To Make Another B-

Aiden And Endou: NO! We Mean....I Think Its Too Late

Mika:Me Next! I Made Potato Pie!

Aiden And Endou:*Takes A Bite Out Of The Pie* MMMMM TASTY!


Me:Oh! Me Next! Me Next! I Made My Familys Potato Salad!

Aiden And Endou:*Eats Potato Salad* YUMMY YUM!


Aiden: Kay Heres My Score!

Aiden: Mika: 10!

Aiden: Onigiri-Chan: 8!

Aiden: Natsumi: 3

Endou: My Scores

Endou: Mika:9

Endou: Onigiri-Chan:9

Endou: Natsumi:3

Me And Mika: YAY!


Me: Cheer Up Natsumi... I Bet Youl Win Next Time...Hehe

Aiden And Endou: O.O N-Next Time?..

Me: Hehe SAYONARA MINNA MATA~NE! Next Request Is Mikas! After Mikas Its Gonna Be You Guys Request!

Mika: W-Wait W-

All Exept Mika: BYE GUYS!....

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