Hello everyone!I am making a fanfic about my selfmade team,Storm Legends and their adventures.I wanted to make this all along but the team was incomplete,i finally completed the team!!!Of course
Fubuki Atsuya

Aiden Xavier Fubuki

there is still place for Bench People

Backstory 1:The Legend is born.

The Reason that nobody knows who Aidens family actually is,is because he doesnt really have a familiy.He was born out of the Storm.One day in the past, there were two accidents.One was an Avalanche,Killing Fubuki Atsuya.The other was a big fire,killing Kira Hiroto.There souls actually formed together with the Storm,and a new child was born.Both the parents of wich he was born, also died in accidents,his mother in an Avalanche and his father by a Fire,just like Hiroto and Atsuya.The child wanted to go to the Sun Garden,but it was full.


Here i will post links to the chapters.


Chapter 1 -> Chapter 2 -> Chapter 3 ->Chapter 4 -> Chapter 5 -> Chapter 6 -> Chapter 7 -> Chapter 8 ->

Chapter 9 Chapter 10 -> Chapter 11 -> Chapter 12 -> Chapter 13 -> To be continued!


-There is no sense of Yaoi with Inazuma Characters,only Yaoi that isnt Yaoi in the dub.(Like GazelxBurn)

-That is mostly because Gazel,Miyasaka,and some others will be girls.

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