The ninth chapter already :D!

The Football Final:Neo Raimon appears!

Aiden was walking in a street,and then,a boy with brown hair appeared,together with a boy with red hair and one with green hair.

Boy 1:Hello Aiden!

Aiden:Y-you know my name?

Boy 2:Of course we do,you are the captain of Storm Legends!

Boy 3:Hmpf,so you are their captain!I am the Ace Striker of Neo Raimon: Midorikawa Ryuuji!

Boy 1:My name is Mamoru!Endou Mamoru!

Boy 2:My name is Kiyama Hiroto,but call me Hiroto.

Suddenly,another boy with brown hair appears.

Boy:Mamoru,Hiroto,Ryuuji,its time for training!

Endou:And thats our playmaker - Fideo Aldena!

Fideo:Nice to meet you,Xavier~San!

Aiden:Nice to meet you too,Fideo!

Endou and his friends dissapeared.

Aiden:Wow,Neo Raimon must be a strong team,i cant believe its almost over!The Frontier is almost over! What will happen next!?

Hugo:Its great to see you that way,Aiden!

Aiden:Hugo!You made it to the finals!

Hugo:Not exactly.My leg is still injured.An-

Aiden:Well,actually,it does'nt matter!We have a good second keeper!

Hugo:So...You guys replaced me with a broken leg...

Aiden:No!Its not that way!We just used another keeper!Thats all!

Hugo:No,its okay.I hope you guys will defeat them.And if so,i hope we play again soon Aiden!

Aiden:Yeah,Hugo!Me too!

Then,the Match is starting.

Midorikawa:Watch out you!Hiroto!Cosmic...


Kotoni:Eye the Hand!



Eliza:God Break!

Loretta:Bakunetsu Stormuuu!

Fideo:My turn!Odin Sword!

Toramaru:Tiger Drive!

Fubuki:Wolf Legend!

It was 3-3,near the end of the match.

Aiden:Eat this,Endou!WOLF LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Endou:Dont be too fast!Omega Hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hope you liked it!

Next time in Storm Legends:What!?The FFI?Awesome!Wait...We are going to be chosen?Thats odd,dont you think!?

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