I dont have much time now so gomen but im gonna keep it short!

Kings of the ocean: Oumihara!

Hitmiko:Okay,the match is gonna start.Is everyone ready?

Loretta:M-match!?I-i didnt tell Hugo about it!He's still out of town!

Hitomiko:Then she must do it.

???:I will do my best...

Aiden:Heya there!My name i-

???:I am Kotoni.Please dont get in my way.If you do,i'm not always able to forgive.

Loretta:Whats wrong with you!?

Kotoni:Nothing.I am the Keeper and nothing more.Now,get onto your place,Ace.


Kotoni:Just get on your pitch,Captain's Ditch...

Hitomiko:You heard her.If she doesnt want to interact,then dont.

Kotoni:I'm only here to gather information,i'll be away soon...

Tsunami:Can we battle already?

Hijikata:Yeah dude!


Hitomiko:I dont tell things,i explain them.Get to work.

The match begins,it's a hard play,mostly between Loretta and Tsunami.The first half has ended.Oumihara has the ball.

Tsunami:Be aware!Tsunami Boost!!!!!!!

Kotoni:Hmpf.Eye the Hand!

A move so fast,that it was unable to see,appeared at Kotoni's hand,she had the ball.

Aiden:What the!?

Loretta:Fire Tornado!!!!

Aiden:Eternal Blizzard!!!

Eliza:God Break!

All:Chaos Break!!!!

And the match ended.It was 1-0 for Storm Legends.

AIden:Yeah!Up to the next match!

Hitomiko:Neo Raimon...I heard they have a new ace striker...Midorikawa Ryuuji...


Sorry that this chapter is CRAP,the next chapter will be better!

Next time in Storm Legends: What!?Fideo Aldena?Kiyama Hiroto?Midorikawa Ryuuji? This is the real challenge!

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