Chapter 7 already!

Yokato,the team with thousand hands! Part 2

Tachimukai:MUGEN ZA HANDOOO!!!!!!

Turnback Shot was stopped,but not heavily.You could see Tachimukai's wrists damaged from the shot.

Tachimukai's POV

Wow,that was a cool shot!But that wasnt there best,i know it!And this want my best!If the 1000 hands almost let it in... Then we must go for the 10000!And if that wont work,ill upgrade it again!And again and again,until i stop them!

Aiden's POV

Wow,hard clash!We almost scored!He indeed is a very talented Goalkeeper.But we're going to use our Ace Striker!

Loretta's POV

Hey,Aiden almost scored!But i must show my best too,you know...I'll get just a shot as powerful as Aiden's, i'm sure!

Normal:The match continues on 1.34:96


Tachimukai:God Hand!!!

Tachimukai managed to got his Blue God Hand into a yellow one,pretty strong!

God Hand

(I know its Endou here,but think of Tachimukai) God Hand!!!


Fire Tornado was only stopped on the pitch.

Aishah:I can defeat it!Kaze...CLASH!!!!!

A storm of heavy wind and the ball were going to Tachimukai.

Tachimukai:GOD HAND!!!!!!

Tachimukai's POV

Damnit...Broken...My new God Hand...The next time,i will not fail!Its 1-0 for them,and the first half has ended.But this was only the start!I mean,everything can change in the second half!Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!YEAH!!!!


Aiden:Be ready!



Tachimukai:Mugen Za Hand!!!!!!!

Mugen Za Hand stopped it on the pitch.

Toda:Patriot Shot!!!!



Eliza:Aiden,I need you on my right.And Loretta on my left!

Loretta:What are you gonna do?

Eliza:Just watch!God Break!

Aiden:Eternal Blizzard!

Loretta:Oh-Okay!Fire Tornado!


Tachimukai:MUGEN ZA HAND!!!!!


Hehe,Chaos Break!Thats a powerful move.But,can it win,with only a minute left...?Yeah,it can!Everyone believes in me and in thereselves!If i give up,everyone will give up!We must continue!We must defeat them!

Eliza's POV

I learned God Break,yeah!Thats my good way!It will be enough,i know it!Wait a second..Extra Hands!?But...We did it!We broke Mugen Za Hand!We won with 2-1!But its not only because of me.Its because of Aiden too,and Loretta,and Hugo,and Aishah,Andy,Isabella,Freize,Zoi,Basim,Hikari,and even Zoey on the bench!

This was it for Chapter 7,FINALLY DONE!Let my cold wind flow in your heart 08:59, March 31, 2012 (UTC)

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