Chapter 5 already!

Mikage Sennou's new member!

A few days after the people joined,Storm Legends was having a practice match before the Football Frontier started.

Aiden:Ooh,i cant wait!

Loretta:Its so exciting,isnt it?

Hugo:But first...Cookie Bars!

Sugimori:*Throws Cookie Bars* My team wants to have a friendly against you.

Aiden:Okay then.Who's your Ace

???:Im the new ace!

Sugimori:Calm down,Shadow.

Shadow looked with a bit of an angry look,trying to hide something.

Shadow:I'll defeat those punity's.

Aiden:Punity's?Take that back!

Shadow:Only if you defeat me!

It already was 15:00.The weirdest thing:Shadow had'nt made any movements yet,not even Defending.

Shadow:Phase 1,aquired.Up to phase 2.

Shadow got the ball.

Shadow:I show you!DARK TORNADO!!!!!!!!!


Dark Tornado broke it.Time now is up to 30:00.



God Hand was stronger then before,but Dark Tornado still broke it.Time is now up to 40:00.

Shadow:You're not stopping this one!DARK TORNADO!!!!


God Hand looked greater and bigger then before.Also,it had a bigger shine.


Dark Tornado was stopped by Hugo's new move:God Hand Kai.

Shadow:You have 5 minutes left for three goals,you're not winning this!

Loretta's POV

I said "We'll see that!I watched your movements closely!",Knowing i had to do something.I wanted to make Dark Tornado,but then,i remembered that my element is fire.Suddenly,i knew what to do.I was jumping up in the air,spining my feet around the ball,covering it in fire.I knew i could do it.I loudly screamed "Fire Tornado",and it happened.I scored the first of the three needed goals to win,and i learned a new move:Fire Tornado.Also,i broke his Rocket Hand hissatsu,so we will be more easy to score now.I knew i could do it!


Aiden:Now that the hissatsu broke...ICE BEAST!!!!

A bluey gray wolf appeared behind Aiden.He know he could use the Hissatsu of Fubuki Atsuya.

Sugimori:Oh oh.


Ice Beast scored the second goal,but there was only one minute left.

Eliza:Let me do it!


Eliza wanted me to pass the ball to her.That's what i did.And she did it.It was a true shot,almost unbeatable by a bare handed-save or a not high-ranged Hissatsu.Thats what it was!

Eliza's POV

I did it.I used God Knows,a hissatsu originally used by Aphrodi from Zeus.Does this mean that i already am as strong as they were?No.But,i know how to use the shot,and it can be useful in some matches.Its not one of the Ultimate shots,but i know that we can do great things with it.I just believe in Aiden,like the whole team does.

This was it for today guys and ladies!Hope ya liked it!Let my cold wind flow in your heart 17:24, March 29, 2012 (UTC)

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