The 4th Chapter already!

Two new members:Andy-kun and Kazemaru-chan!

Gazel:You must search new members for the team.I give you three the responsebility.

Hugo:What can i do?What can i do!?!?!?!?!

Burn:You can go to the class.

Loretta:I know someone.Her name is Kazemaru-chan!

???:I will join!Hmpf!

Loretta:Who in the world are you?

???:My name is Andy,Andy-kun!My place is a top-one Midfielder!My number is 7!

???:Andy,calm down.I bet they better need a Forward as me!Number 9 Isabella-chan!

Andy:No way,Kazemaru!

Isabella:I'm better then you!

Andy:No way!

Isabella:Yes way!

Andy:No way!

Isabella:Yes way!

Aiden:Stop it!We accept you both!

Andy:But i am the Top Midfielder right?

Isabella:No one wants a stupid Midfielder like you,Forwards are better!

Andy:No way!

Isabella:Yes way!


Burn:Theyre just like me and you before,right Gazel?

Gazel:Yep sweety.Maybe they are also-


Isabella:I said never the first!

Andy:No way!

Isabella:I'll just leave you!


Hope you enjoyed this chapter!Its pretty short,but its all for now!

Let my cold wind flow in your heart 12:00, March 28, 2012 (UTC)

Andy Endpicture

Andy running in his casual clothes

Isabella Endpicture

Isabella Kazemaru in her school uniform

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