Chapter 3 is here!Warning:Itsa bit shorta!

A kid that wants to play football

After school,Eliza came home.Aiden was also watching what happened inside,trough the window.

Eliza's dad:Eliza,you had a F for a test last time!The world famous's sport is not soccer!It's dancing!

Eliza:Yeah,i was'nt concentrated.

Zoi:I also get low results dad,why is this such a drama?

Dad:Because you are a soccer wonder!Your sister is just a Defender!I forbid you to play soccer!

Eliza:You cant do that dad!

Dad:Zoi got fed up with soccer at Sun Garden,but you didnt!You cant play soccer anymore!

Eliza got out with a soccer ball,and goes to a small street.

Eliza:Stupid dad...

Eliza keeps kicking the ball against the wall.But then,she kicks the ball very hard,and Bullies come.

Bullie 1:Well well well,hello there miss.

Bullie 2:Nice soccerball.Thanks!

The Bullies stole the ball.Then,Aiden came.He wanted to help her,but he watched how she was doing it herself. Aiden saw Eliza's father driving in the street next to here,and got him quick.


Aiden:Quiet!She cant hear us,just watch!

Eliza:Hmpf.Light Steal!

The ball was glowing,and was rolling from the bullies feet to Eliza,and she was dribbling over and over,until the bullies were tired.

Bullie 1:You...*sigh* have *sigh* won..*sigh*

The Bullies ran off,and Aiden and Dad appeared.

Dad:I see you love soccer...Maybe i must let you play it...

Eliza:Dad,how did you...Aiden!Thanks!

Aiden:Hehe,when i saw everything i knew i should help!


I hope you enjoyed this part!Let my cold wind flow in your heart 19:19, March 27, 2012 (UTC)

Starring: Eliza-chan aka Elizabeth110 !

Eliza endpicture

Eliza,Defender of Storm Legends and formerly Osaka Gals

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