Hope you enoy Chapter 2 just as much as you did with Chapter 1!

Aiden,the new captain!

???:Impressive,how you stopped the bullies.

Aiden:Heh,it was nothing.

???:You did it pretty good.

???:And i bet that Goalie of them would also stop there shots.

Hugo:Thanks,but who are you?

1:My name's Burn,i was the Ace Striker for Storm Legends!

2:My names Frose.I was the Goalkeeper!

3:And i am Gazel,the one who first saw you.I was the Captain of Storm Legends!

Loretta:What is Storm Legends actually,this is my first schoolday...

???:Storm Legends is the soccer team of the school,the only ones the bullies were afraid of.I am Elizabeth,but you can call me Eliza.I am in the same year as you,but my Lower School is part of this Middle School,and because i am a good soccer player,i am the Main Defender and sometimes a Forward for the team.But Gazel,what did you and the other ones mean with was?

Gazel:Were going to Graduate,so we cant be in the team.Maybe you can take our places?

Hugo:C-c-can i be the Goalkeeper for the school team!?That's awesome!

Frose:I can teach you a few tricks if you want.

Burn:And you,you are very quick.I mean,you could be the Ace Striker!


Gazel:I agree with Burn.To be honest,Aiden could be the new captain.And to be clearly honest,i want to ask you something Burn.Something special.

Burn:What is it Gazel?

Gazel:I...I kinda like you Burn...

Burn:Yeah,we're best friends!

Burn was a bit shivering when he said that.

Gazel:No,i mean...i like you...

Burn:I you to...

Aiden:So the Captain and Ace Striker like eachother?Dont think that will happen to us,right Loretta?

Loretta:W-what?Oh,yeah.Of course.

Aiden:Lets get to the class,we're already a bit late...

Loretta&Hugo:Yeah,let's go!


Fubuki and Gazel

The old and the new captain.

This was again my second Chapter!Hope you like it!Let my cold wind flow in your heart 18:27, March 27, 2012 (UTC)

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