Here starts the FFI!Representatives match!

The days were going fast.Its time for the match

Aiden:Give me all you got!

Loretta:You too then!

The kickoff starts at Storm B. Loretta and Hiroto are attacking from the start.

Hiroto:Ryuusei Blade!!!

Kotoni:Eye the hand!!!

Aiden:Hmpf,good job Kotoni!

Breeze:Your not getting past me Aiden!

Aiden:I dont have to!Eliza!

Both:Hissatsu Tactic!Frozen Ground!!!!


Breeze slips over

Aiden:Here it comes Hugo!Wolf Legendos!!!!

Hugo:Lion Fang!!!

Commentator:A clash between a Lion and a Wolf!


Aiden:Thats right!

Loretta:I am going to strike!Fire Tornado!!!!

Kotoni:Too fast!Waah!

Then,Hugo and Kotoni become very tired,because there are many shots fired,some are listed:

Midorikawa:Astro Break!

Hiroto:Ryuusei Blade!

Aiden:Eternal Blizzard!

Loretta:Fire Tornado!

Saginuma:Drill Breaker!

Andy:Warp Shot!

Toramaru:Tiger Drive!

Gouenji:Spinning Shot!

Fubuki:Panther Blizzard!

Freize:Comet Shot!

Hitomiko:Stop it!Everyone has tired himself out!

Aiden:Are you now gonna tell it?

Hitomiko:Yes.This is the list:

GK: 1.Hugo

DF: 2.Eliza 3.Breeze 4.Fubuki

MF: 5.Hikari 6.Andy 7.Freize

FW: 8.Gouenji 9.Isabella 10.Aiden (Captain) 11.Loretta (Ace)

Bench: 12.Saginuma (GK) 13.Aishah 14.Kazemaru 15.Toramaru 16.Midorikawa

Supporters: 17.Hiroto 18.Tsunami 19.Kotoni

Depreciated: Pandora,Zoey,Zoi

Gira:I want you to try on your new uniforms please.

Hitomiko:And the first match of the preliminaries is already known.We will fighting Russia's Team,Big Babuschka.

Aiden:I cant wait!


Hope you liked it,i did my very best!

Next time in Storm Legends: Wow,these guys are tough!I didnt know such a great defense existed!

And then that Hissatsu Tactic: Moskou's Wall!

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