The first chapter of my new fanfic! I hope you enjoy it!

Where it all begins

Aiden:Hey,its time for my first school day!I cant wait!

Fuyuka:Watch out Aiden, make sure nothing will happen.

Aiden:I'm just gonna have some fun! Your not my mom,you know?

Fuyuka:But i see you as a little brother and-

Aiden:Big sisters care for there little brothers,yeah yeah yeah,i know.

Fuyuka:Have a nice day Aiden!

Aiden got to school,but when he wanted to enter,he clashed with a girl.The girl had Blue hair.

Girl:S-sorry.I-im such a baka...

Aiden:I'm sure your not!Whats your name,anyways?

Girl:My name is Loretta.Nice to meet you.Who are you?

Aiden:Aiden is my name,soccer is my fame!

Loretta:S-soccer?Dont let the bullies here you with that word.

Bullie 1:Oh yeah,i heard you!

Bullie 2:You must be a player then.Well,lets see if you can defeat us!

Two more bullies appeared and challenged Aiden to a Score Battle.

Bullie 3:He is on his own,how can he do a battle?

Bullie 4:I dont care if he's alone or not,i will stop his shots!

Aiden:That's something we'll see!Wait,Loretta,can you please help me?I need someone to pass.

Loretta:Okay then...

Bullie 1:Who will be the goalie?

Aiden:We dont need a goalie!

???:I can be the Goalie!

Loretta:Hey there Hugo!

A boy with long,brown hair waved to the left was standing there.

Aiden:Wait,3 against 4?Thats not fair!

Loretta:That's just how we must do it now Aiden.

Aiden:No,i mean that 3 against 4 isnt fair for them.

Bullie 2:We'll see that!

The battle starts off with Aiden having the ball.He is dribbling well,and then he is passing to Loretta.Loretta gets confronted by the three Bullies.Aiden was saying Dodge,there going to slide in the wind,and as the wind surpassed,Loretta could hear it,jumped at the good time,dodged them and passed the ball to Aiden.

Aiden:Its time!

Loretta:For what?

Aiden was focusing every cell in his brain on the ball,with the three Bullies coming at him.He had his eyes closed.

Loretta:What are you doing!?Their attacking you!Watch for Gods sake!


Aiden jumped high,so the three Bullies clashed against eachother.In the air,Aiden was spinning the ball.

Loretta:What the...


Suddenly,a large wolf appeared behind Aiden,and it looked like Aiden was standing on it.Aiden kicked the ball.


The ball was covered in Ice,and the wolf was following it.

Bullie 4:Aagh!Killer Blade!

Hugo:Killer Blade!?Thats a strong move!

The goal Bullie got a huge,blue sword.He smashed the sword against the ball,but was pushed back into the goal. Then,the sword breaks,and the ball blows above the goalie's head in the goal.

Aiden:So,is this what you call a Match?Lame!

Hugo:He...He broke trough Killer Blade...?Awesome!


This was the end of my first chaper,hope you enjoyed it! Let my cold wind flow in your heart 17:29, March 27, 2012
Loretta endpicture

Loretta-chan <3

Hugo Endpicture

Hugo-kun ^^

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