Here comes the FFI! Meet the others!

The FFI starting ceremony was about to start.

Presenter: This is it People! The world's FFI!

Presenter: The first to enter is Frence's team, Rose Griffon!

Presenter: Here is the second team from Cotarl, Little Gigant!

Presenter:And here we have Argentina's The Empire!

Presenter:Here we have a land's team that enters for the first time: Japan's team,Inazumaaaaaaaa!

Cut to Endou

Endou: Minna,let's make a good competition!

Inazuma: Hayt!

Cut to Presenter

Presenter: Here is the always strong team: North-America's Unicorn!

Cut to Unicorn and Inazuma.

Ichinose: Endou-kun!

Endou: Ichinose! Glad to see you here! Domon! Nishigaki! Jason!

Nishigaki: Long time no see, Endou!

Mark: Glad too meet you! I am Mark Kruger, captain of Unicorn!

Dylan: And i am Dylan Keith, their Ace Striker!

Endou: Nice to meet you, Mark, Dylan!

Jason: Endou, in this tournament, we will see who of us is the best Goalkeeper!

Endou: I'll be sure to see you guys in the finals again!

Ichinose: Let's meet again in the finals, Endou-kun!

The Presenter announced all teams, and now, the groups will be listed.

Group A - Group B

Unicorn - Inazuma

Rose Griffon - Little Gigant

Knights of Queen - The Kingdom

Orpheus - Red Matador

The Empire - Brocken Bogue

Cut to Unicorn's Clubhouse

Mark:Everyone, let's give it our best!

Dylan: We can't lose this right? I mean, we have a great forward, two great Midfielders, two great Defenders, and a great Keeper who can also play as Forward!

Mark: Indeed Dylan, but the world is strong! Let's all just do our best, shall we!?

Everyone: Yeah!

Let my cold wind flow in your heart 19:20, May 30, 2012 (UTC)

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