Chapter one of my newest fanfic...And instead of Aiden..Its all about,yeah yeah...

Jason FireBlaze!!!!!

The FFI's gonna start!Say hello to Unicorn!


Aki:Jason!Wake up,Jason!

Ichinose:He's always like this,is'nt he?

Domon:Yeah,thats Jason already!


Endou:Jason-kun!WAKE UP!!!!!


Aki:You're awake,finally!

Endou:We just got a new member for the raimon team!And fortunately,his neighbor also makes the food for everyone in the FFI.I mean,a good friend is always good news,but such a one?This is great!

???:Endou-san!Gouenji-kun wants to train with you!

Endou:Toramaru?You're already awake?

Toramaru:Hayt,i could'nt stay asleep...

Aki:Well,why dont you take some food from Nonomi Nee-chan?


The young boy left.But who is this Nonomi?She sounds like a nice girl!

Kidou:Domon!Endou!Mega Desuuu Zone....G2!

Aki:Domon-kun! I got a call for you!And Ichinose-kun...Get Jason and come with him too!

Ichinose:Okay Aki-chan,whats up?

Jason:Yeah,i just ate my breakfast!

Aki:The guys called you!

All 3:Eeeh...?

Aki:*Sigh*Mark,Dylan and Nishigaki of course!They asked you to come to their National Team,Unicorn!

Ichinose:That's great,but how can we leave Endou-kun alone?

Jason:Come come,Endou will save himself.But first,i should meet someone.Erhm,see you!

Aki:Well,what was that all about?

Domon:I dont know,maybe he still has some practice to do?

Ichinose:No,would'nt he practice with us,Nishigaki and the others then?


At some other point

Jason:Euhm,H-hello,i am Jason FireBlaze!

Nonomi Nee-Chan:Ya!I am Nonomi,but call me Nonomi Nee-Chan,OK?

This girl was different from all other girls.She had such a big heart,i could see.

Jason:OK,but euhm,i gotta go get my plane...

Nonomi:Oh,you're leaving already?I tought we could be friends!

Jason:Hehe,maybe we can,i'm also participating in the FFI!

Nonomi:Oh,in wich country then?

Jason:America's Unicorn,i'm sure we'll win!

Endou:Jason,Inazuma Japan is gonna win,you know?

Jason:We will see that,Endou-kun!

Then i left.This was the start of a great adventure!I sure hope we'll meet in the FFI,Endou-kun...

Mark:Dylan,i heard they'll come back!

Dylan:Really?Kazuya and the others will come back?

Nishigaki:Glad to have them on the team,right guys?




Dylan:Wow,that's fast,Kazuya!

Ichinose:Heh,thats for sure!

Domon:Good to see you guys,i'd really enjoy to play with you again!


And so started the story of the FFI,America's Unicorn,and mostly,The Adventure of Jason FireBlaze!

Let my cold wind flow in your heart 16:42, May 8, 2012 (UTC)

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