This is a fanfic about someone who appears on the Storm Legends training field!

The Comeback Kid appears!

Hugo:Aiden,shoot that Eternal Blizzard of yours!

Aiden:OK then!ETERNAL BLIZZARD!!!!!!

My eyes are totally glowing blue,but i dont seem to notice it.

Hugo:That isnt an Eternal Blizzard!Thats a panther!

Aiden:Its finally working!PANTHER BLIZZARDES!!!!!!

Hugo:OK then!Lion Crunch!

We both evolved our moves.But i had the feeling someone was watching us.

Loretta:Let me score!Bakunetsu Screw!

Kotoni:Eye the Hand V2!!!!

Everyone was training.Tough i still had the feeling that we're watched.


All:CHAOS BREAK!!!V2!!!!

Hugo:Lion Crunch!

Rosetta:Lets try a combination hissatsu Loretta!


Rosetta:Lets try a combo!Lightning Strike!

Loretta:Fire Tornado!

Aiden:Thats a new technique!Lightning Tornado!

Why do i have this feeling?And also,another thing bothers me...I cant put my full power with our combination moves...But why?Why do my combination moves keep failing?What happened to me?What.........!?

???:Hey there Aiden!Long time no see!I hope youre ready for a battle,because my team,the Blue Flames is challenging Storm Legends!Are you ready to battle or will you run away?It is your choice!

He...I havent saw him for a long time...Why does he show up?


Akuji:Lets battle Aiden!As good old times!

Aiden:I look forward to that!

To be continued...

Whats this?Akuji appears!And there are the Blue Flames!But wait!Are they stronger then us?That almost cant be!I mean,we won the FF's and saved the world!But still...Akuji has returned...I cant denie this challenge!

Let my cold wind flow in your heart 18:11, April 17, 2012 (UTC)

Make sure to read the next chapter also next time!


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