• This is rated as E.
  • Disclaimer: I don't own IE nor the characters in it.
  • This is a crossover of my character: Marilyn Carve and Haruna Otonashi from Inazuma Eleven.
  • This is a one-shot fan fiction.
  • Created by: Sapphirez 08:15, December 25, 2010 (UTC)

Haruna meets Marilyn; Marilyn meets Haruna

"No! My brother is better!"

"My onii-chan!"

"Su-Ma-To- Nii-chan!!"

"Yuu-To- Onii-chan!!"

"Rerira, Otonashi. Can't you two stop fighting? It's been 10 minutes quarrel about my Nii-chan is better" Sumato pulled his spectacles and wipe them.

"No!! Suma-kun!! Don't stop it. This is a cute younger sister fight about whose brother is better!! Wait, Reira-chan, Haruna-chan, let me get my handy cam first!" Cream runs to somewhere? and disappear....

Marilyn and Haruna become frozen as a stone.

"Ryo, is Ookizawa-san always like that?" Kidou asked Sumato with his confused face and smile.

"That's the least of it. Don't bother with it much." Sumato put on his spectacles.

The frozen Marilyn and Haruna look at each other.

"Haruna-chan. Why are we fighting in the first place?

Haruna puts her hand at her chin. "Since you mentioned that..... Oh yeah! Onii-chan and Ryo-senpai was deciding which one should cook so we quarrel about whose cooks is better...."

"That was the reason we quarrel?! But... we still have to decide which one should cook....Hrm... I know!"

Cream just got back from somewhere? with her handy cam. She is smiling broadly, thinking about the special MOE scene about cute younger sisters quarreling she'll get to tape. When she arrives at the place, she stopped and frowns. Then she smiles again and put on her handy cam.

"Oh well. Even if I don't get any tape of cute younger sisters quarreling, at least I'll get to tape this special 'cute younger sisters cooking with their brother scene'. Hi hi."