Hey guys! This is it! The moment you have all been waiting for......My Next Big Fanfiction!!!! I have finally decided to start it now so lets explain what its about.. Like my stuff? See more at Kotoni~x


The whole story is in Season 2. I will literally be re writing most of season 2 for this! Um..... Its about Kobayashi Emiko. If you have seen, i have posted up her plot, relatives and hissatsu so it should explain a little. But this is going from Emiko's side of the story so that means.....Well.......Lets find out for yourselfs! I have changed a litlle bit of Kobayashi's plot to somthing more twisted or dark so keep your eyes peeled for Dark bits!

Fanmade Characters that will star in this.

Kobayashi Emiko

Kira Kotoni (3 years old) (Not as the main character this time!)

Endou Himawari


Uh......I havent got everything sorted yet but Episode 27 will be the starting point of this! The next chapter is in episode 27 but this is the thing that it wouldnt show on the episode....

Chapter 1 (Episode 27)

Chapter 2 (Episode 27)

Chapter 3 (Episode 30)

Chapter 4 (Episode 30 Part 2)

Chapter 5 (Episode 34 Part 1)

Signature and notes...

  • This was made by me!
  • No, i am NOT trying to steal Rai Shuuya and co's idea!
  • Feel free to comment!!!! Dont be afraid! I dont bite (That much...Hee Hee!)
  • If your are not going to say somthing nice, dont say anything at all!

Kotoni~x 15:51, March 20, 2012 (UTC)Oh My Days........I'm a paralleogram! Kotoni~x Talk/Blog Nyan Nyan Nyan!

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