Here's chapter three of my fanfic~ In this chapter Kiseki wakes up and is told by Kira that her parents passed away of natural causes and is adopted by him. He takes her to Sun Garden and introduces her to the other orphans. She instantly befriends Gemini, Kotoni, Hiroto, Midorikawa and Ulvida.


Chapter Three - F R I E N D S

Kiseki slowly opened her eyes and blinked a few times until the room came into focus.

"Kiseki" Kira smiled, so happy to see light in the little girl's electric-teal eyes "You're awake"

"Who are you?" Kiseki asked, fixing her eyes upon Kira

"I'm your new father" Kira answered

"Daddy..." Kiseki whispered, her mouth turning into a smile

"You're going to live in Sun Garden with me and other children without their parents" Kira told her "Your mummy and daddy passed away naturally a while ago and are now in Heaven"

"Is Heaven a nice place?" Kiseki asked him, her eyes sparkling

"Heaven is a lovely place" Kira smiled at the child "Now it's time to go to your new home"

~♥~♥~♥~A little later, at Sun Garden...~♥~♥~♥~

"Everyone gather up!" Kira called to all the children, who ran over and crowded round him. Kiseki, who was stood next to him, hid behind him nervously

"This is our newest member" Kira smiled "Please take care of her and make her feel welcome"

"Hai!~" All the children chorused, then most went back to their games. Two girls, however, approached Kiseki nervously

"Hi!" smiled the taller girl. She had straight, dark brown hair, purple eyes, and was wearing a light-blue t-shirt and dark-blue joggers

"H-hello" Kiseki said nervously

"What's your name?" the girl with brown hair then asked "Mine's Kotoni~"

"Nice to meet you, Kotoni-chan" replied Kiseki "I'm Yuki Kiseki"

"Yuki-chan then?" Kotoni asked

"You can call me Kiseki if you like" smiled Kiseki, slightly less nervous now

"I'm Gemini Prowers" the other girl introduced herself. She had shoulder-length peachy-orange colored hair, dark blue eyes, and was wearing purple trousers, and a blue t-shirt with white short sleeves and a picture of a silvery-white horse

"Nice to meet you, Gemini-chan" Kiseki smiled at Gemini, who smiled back

"Do you two wanna go outside and play hopscotch?" Kotoni then asked the two girls, who nodded

"Let's go!" smiled Gemini, leading the way to the garden

The End!

And that's the end of chapter three! The next chapter will be the three's first day at junior high (massive time-skip!)

Also, I'm sorry if I made Kotoni and Gemini seem girlier than they are, but they are all six so they have to be a little girlie! Anyway, I hope you liked it - please comment!

Issho ni wa totemo sensai ni ukabudarou... 16:58, April 20, 2012 (UTC)

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