Here's chapter one of my new fanfic~ This is set seven years ago when Kiseki was six. It's set in her village when they get attacked by Aliea Academy who start riots and destroy everything.

WARNING - Possible language! Also - depressing scenes!

Anyway - enjoy~

Chapter One - H E L P

Kiseki's mum: Kiseki!! Come here!! Come on, we have to run!!!

Kiseki: What's going on, Mummy?! Where's Daddy?! Tell me!!

Kiseki's mum: *starts crying* Daddy's gone...



The house sets on fire and there's smoke everywhere

Kiseki's mum: Kiseki - RUN!!!

Kiseki: NO!!! I'm not going without you, Mummy!

Kiseki's mum: Kiseki - JUST GO!!!!

Kiseki: Noo!!! I'm not going without you!!

A load of wood and rubble comes down and hides Kiseki's mum from view.

Kiseki: MUMMY!!!!

Kiseki's mum: Just...*cough*...just...just run!

Kiseki: MUMMY!!!!!

Kiseki's mum: I love you, Kiseki...


Kiseki's mum is unmistakeably dead and the entire house was now coming down. Kiseki trembled and looked around desperately. But there was no way out - she was trapped!

Kiseki: Eeeek!!! HELP!!!! SOMEONE HELP!!!!!

???: Hey! Are you okay in there?!

Kiseki: No!!! Mummy and Daddy are dead and I'm trapped!!!

Kiseki was crying and trying hard to be as small as possible - as the whole place was falling down in peices of flaming rubble.

???: It's okay, I'll get you out! Hey, Daisuke-san - we got a little kid trapped!!

Daisuke: Huh? There's a kid in there?!

???: Yeah, says her parents are dead and she's all alone

Daisuke: Well, come on then! We have to get her out!!

Daisuke and ??? manage to get into the house and rescue Kiseki. They bring her outside and carry her far away from the house.

???: So what's your name, kiddo?

KIseki: I'm Kiseki...Kiseki Yuki...

???: Yuki-san then? I'm Sakuma, Sakuma Shiro [He's Sakuma's dad just to tell you guys]

Kiseki: Nice to meet you, Sakuma-sempai...

Daisuke: And I'm Endou, Endou Daisuke

Kiseki: Nice to meet you as well, Endou-sempai

Daisuke: Hey!! Jousuke! Can you get this kid outta here?

Jousuke: Sure! *runs over and takes Kiseki's hand*

Daisuke: Take her down to Sun Garden will you?

Jousuke: Ah, I see...Poor little girl *walks away with Kiseki*

Kiseki and Jousuke walk down towards Sun Garden but on the way, building are still falling down and fires and explosions are going off all over the place. As Jousuke and Kiseki were walking past a huge building, it exploded and rubble flew all around them - quite a lot heading straight for the two!

Kiseki: Eek! Ouch!! Ow!! *gets hit by a massive bit of rubble and falls to the floor*

Jousuke: Hey! You okay?! *picks up Kiseki and runs to Sun Garden*


Sorry it kinda sucked, the next chapter will be about Kiseki first joining Sun Garden. After that I'll move onto when she's a bit older. Anyway - please comment!!

Issho ni wa totemo sensai ni ukabudarou... 22:31, April 18, 2012 (UTC)

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