Inuyasha Adventures: Rika and Kazemaru (犬夜叉の冒険:リカと風丸, Inuyasha no Bouken: Rika and Kazemaru) is the sixth chapter of the fanfiction Slider Saga.

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Rika woke up inside an old, dry well. Since it's so dark there, Rika began to panic.

"Dark, dark, dark!! Man, it's so creepy here!! Help!!!!!!!!!!"

"What's with the noise? It's so loud that it almost brought me to deafness..." A familiar voice, Kazemaru, came.

"MY HERO!!!" Rika shouted.

As they walk around finding a way to go up, they saw a rope.

"Look over there, a rope!" Kazemaru told to Rika.

"You really are my hero!!"

Both climbed the rope, and they got up. Looking at each other:

"What's with the clothes? What school are you, anyway?" Kazemaru asked to Rika.

"If my clothes are weird, what's with the dog ears?"

"Inumimi?!" Then Kazemaru suddenly touched an ear on his head. "Waaah!!! This is completely WEIRD!!"

"Your ears may be kawaii, but Ichinose's still more kawaii!!"

"Don't care if I'm not kawaii, It's just that... I LOOK LIKE A WEIRDO!!"

"Stop that. You're making noise in this village." A young lady (named Kagome) came.


"I see, so you lost in this forest, and you came from another world." Kagome commented.

"I don't care about these brats; it's just that they're so annoying making noise all around."



And then, *Sweat drops*

"You are so rude about them. Why is that you don't care?"

"C'mon, c'mon, that hurts..."

"And why is that you both wore clothes that seem to make resemblance from us?" Kagome asked.

"Dunno..." both replied.

"So let's have a chat, okay?" Kagome told to them.

"Sure!!" Both again replied.

After a few hours...

"Man, I'm getting homesick." Kazemaru said.

"Me too..."

"I think I know now what the two of you should do."

"Really?"Both replied

"Jump into the well..."

Then silence came in, out of surprise.

(SFX: Loud shout)"WHY?!" Both replied, "It's so creepy down there!!"

"Then fight your fear. You're not in your elementary years anymore, so do it."


Then both came back again.

What people call fin

That's the last chapter, I mean the second-to-the-last chapter. Comment if you have anything to say.

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Thanks a lot, minna!!~

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