The Pokemon Generation: Touko and Kogure (ポケモン世代:塔子と木暮, Pokemon Sedai: Touko to Kogure) is the fifth chapter of the fanfiction Slider Saga.

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Touko find herself in a weird situation, not just that her clothes are weird, but also that she found herself in a booby trap.

"Though this place is weird, there is only ONE person I know who could do this..." Touko thought, and she suddenly shouted "KOGURE!!!"


"Knew it!! Show yourself!!" Touko angrily shouted after getting out of such trap.

"C'mon, it's just some joke..." Kogure then showed himself, and laughed "Kushishishi!!"

"Well, if that's a joke, then it's not funny!!" Touko again, shouted, "Anyway, where are we? And what's with the clothes?"

"Dunno. I just found myself in a fountain, and seeing you, sleeping, I thought of designing a trap. Genius me!!" Kogure replied.

"Not in the end of the world, BAKA!!"

Then a black-haired-lightning-cheeked young boy (the you-know-who, Satoshi, with the yellow guy, Pikachu) with other friends (Maybe Takeshi and Hikari?) came and saw their quarrel.

"Hey there, need some help?"

"Yes, we do." Both suddenly replied.

"So you came from another world and lost in this place?" Hikari, the blue-haired girl, asked.

"So where did you found yourselves?" Takeshi, the spiky-haired teenage guy asked.

"In the fountain..." Both suddenly replied.

"Where fountain?" Satoshi replied.

"Somewhere in this town."

They they go to the fountain and then Satoshi put his hand in the water. Surprisingly, he can't see his hand, and when he removed his hand, his hand is back.

"Wow, that's a surprise. They're not even kidding..." Satoshi remarked as he remove his hand from the fountain.

"So that means you can go back by jumping to the fountain." Hikari commented.

"Waaaah! You're kidding!!" Touko replied.

"Then I'm going first!" Kogure suddenly spit out of his mouth.

"C'mon! I wanna go home, like you!" Touko replied.

Then Kogure jumps in, holding Touko's sleeve, making both get into the water.

Then suddenly, they found themselves again near the lodging house.

Just about to be the end of it

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