The Fullmetal Challenge: Fuyuka and Fubuki (鋼の挑戦: 冬花と吹雪, Hagane no Chousen: Fuyuka to Fubuki) is the fourth chapter of the fanfiction Slider Saga. (Note: This is from the Brotherhood series. I made this note to avoid confusion from the original anime)

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Fuyuka and Fubuki woke up in a very unusual place. They walked around out of randomness and met black-haired guy (might be Roy), who knew about what happened to them (and find them weird in their costume). That man told them about someone in Resembool (in which both are completely clueless about where it is) who may help them go home. Before they left, they were given a red-colored thingy that that person say that may help them. Though completely clueless, they luckily found the place where they were searching for.

Hontou no Hanashi


"Who's there?" A young lady (named Winry, I guess) called and asked: "What is it?"

"Do you know of somebody who will bring us home?" Fubuki immediately replied.

"Such enthusiasm..." Fuyuka remarked.

"I see... So you must be referring to Ed and Al." Winry said.

"Who are they?" both asked.

"You must be referring to us..." Two blond-haired boys (more likely the Elric duo) came out of the blue.

"That moron! Why would I use this stone?! And why me of all of the alchemists here?!" The long-haired boy (must be Ed) angrily shouted.

"Calm down, nee-san..." The one with the shorter hair (um, Al?) told.

"Well, we need to go home!!" Fubuki said.

"Don't worry, I'll be helping. But my younger brother here will do ALL the work..." Ed said (did it rhymed?)

"Why me?" Al replied.

"What? You know that I lost my ability to do so..."

"Oh, I forgot."

Umm... Too much for the explanation (to the point that I don't know how to explain it), so let's just end it...

And so the creepy event ended and they were back...

That's all for now, folks!

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