The Bleachy Story: Aki and Endou (ブリーチー物語: 秋円と堂, Buriichii Monogatari: Aki to Endou) is the third chapter of the Fanfiction Slider Saga.


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Aki wakes up and find herself in a very dark place.

"Ow, ow, that hurts!" That voice, must be Endou.

"Is that you, Endou-kun?"

"Is that you, Aki"

"Yes, it's me"

"I see."

Then they walked around and find themselves outside a cave. And then...

"WAAAAAAAAAH!!" both shouted and pointed each other, "What's with that weird costume?"

Then they look down and see themselves in what is called "shinigami outfit." And then...

"NANI WO!!!" Both shouted again.

"Hey, what with that deafening sound?" A teenage boy with spiky orange hair (Ichigo) said. "Oh, never seen you before. Where did you two came from?"

"Umm... from the..."

"Let's just say that we came from THAT cave." Aki immediately replied.

"That cave, huh?" A young woman with black hair (must be Rukia) commented, "It's been rumored to be the portal of the universe. So anyway, did you two came from the parallel universe?"

"I think yes..." Endou replied.

"So what are you plannign to do, then?" Rukia asked.

"Oh, look a chess board..." Ichigo noticed a chess board, "Let's play!"

"All right! But how could you play chess?" Endou asked.

And then everyone *sweatdropped*.

"Soccer could be the only thing Endou knows..." Aki thought to himself.

After a few hours...

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I was defeated the the 25th time!!" Ichigo shouted.

"Looks like I'm wrong, am I?" Aki thought again, "but..."


"I do feel homesick now." Endou commented, "So what should we do?"

"I think that you two have no choice but to come inside the cave. Again."

"Again? You want us to come inside that creepy cave?"

"But there's no choice, for crying out loud. Come in!!" Rukia shouted.

"Like she said, there's no choice. C'mon, I'll help you." Endou said to Aki.


Then they come inside, and come home again.

That's it for now

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Anyway, thanks for reading!!

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