The Fairy Tale: Natsumi and Gouenji (童話:夏未 と 豪炎寺, Douwa: Natsumi to Gouenji) is the second chapter of the Fanfiction Slider Saga.


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Natsumi and Gouenji met together in an unknown place.

"Why are we in these weird clothes?" Natsumi asked.

"Dunno either. So much that we look like mascots"

"Yes, and my clothes (or armor) are really heavy..."

"And it's cold!"

Eventually, they saw on the arc the phrase (Or should I say, a name) "Fairy Tail".

Later, a young lady with a blond hair and cute face (more likely Lucy) saw them, and say "Hello there. You don't seem to be familiar. Who are you?"

"Um, we're lost travelers..." both replied.

"Oh, I see..." She replied, "Why don't you come with us? And by the way, your clothes actually reminds me of my two friends."

Then *sweat drops* appeared on the two...

"COOL!! You actually look like me and Erza!!" A young man with a muscular body with a rose-colored spiky hair (probably Natsu) remarked about their clothes.

"You should say weird rather than cool..." a beautiful redhead wearing an armor (maybe Erza) replied.

"I really agree to her..." A shirtless guy (more likely Gray) also replied.

Thanks to that, Natsu and Gray just fight.

  • Sweatdrops* again in the case of everyone...

Oh, I see, so they got lost from a parallel universe..." A young lady with the blue hair (should be Levy) said, "but thanks to this book, we can help them."

"Thanks!" Lucy remarked, "But anyway, how could we help them?"

"We should do the following..."

After the detailed explanation...

"Oh, I see..." Lucy commented.

After the process...

"Okay! With these, you can go home!" Everyone told to the two.

"We appreciate the help you gave us!" Natsumi remarked.

"I also thank you all!!" Gouenji, too, remarked.

"This should be goodbye, I guess..." Erza told them.

After the *blablabla*...

They have finally go back...

That's the end of it!

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, suggestions, corrections, comments, remarks, criticisms, and violent reactions, don't be shy to tell them here...

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Thank you!!

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