This is the final chapter for the Slider Saga fanfiction...


As the twelve wakes up, they find themselves lying on the ground.

"Daijoubu desu ka?" Kabeyama rushed into them.

"Hai, hai" Endou replied.

"You know what, I just have the weirdest dream in my entire life." Fuyuka said.

"ME TOO!!" The other eleven replied.

"WHAT?!" Everyone shouted.

While inside Kidou's bedroom inside the lodging house...

"This only means one thing: It's TRUE!!" Kidou shouted.

"What do you mean, Onii-chan?" Haruna asked.

"Do you remember about us being in the 'SOS Dan' place?"

"Yes, I do... WHAT?!"

"And with fairies without tails..." Gouenji and Natsumi simultaneously shouted.

"And the shinigami thingy too" Endou and Aki shouted.

"And being helped by some blondies..." Fuyuka and Fubuki too.

"And being with the guy with a yellow mouse..." Touko and Kogure, too...

"And meeting an Inumimi youkai." Rika and Kazemaru said.

"Okay, stop this. This isn't any joke, though. But forget about this for now. It's not that much important to know why this is happening. Got it?" Kidou said to everyone.


"Anyway, where's the ball?" Endou then suddenly asked.

And everyone answered with silence...

Anyway, where IS the ball?

As a girl named Misaki Ayuzawa walked around, she saw a mysterious soccer ball sitting around doing nothing. As she picks up the ball...

"BOYS!!" She shouted.

"Wait! We don't have that kind of ball..." one of the soccer club boys scarily said.

"What do you mean by that?!"

"Sorry, sorry...!"


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